The Lantern Library

Stories by G. G. E. Tinsmuir

Some stories are best enjoyed by lantern light. Scary, mysterious, with a bit of thrill or heart-warming tones thrown in – The Lantern Library brings you tales you wish you heard in an old wood library lit by flickering lights…

The home of G. G. E. Tinsmuir’s short stories, in written and audio form. Under Listen, you’ll find links to the podcast and story notes for podcast episodes, along with a space to comment and discuss. Under Read you’ll find the full written versions of all podcast stories, along with the occasional extra.

You will also find me on Reddit, where you can chat with me and other readers or listeners. I write there under the somewhat ill-chosen username Gertie Guss (it appears alliterative names are what I come up with when confronted with a sign up page). I am also a Featured Writer and mod of the subreddit Odd Directions, a community dedicated to bringing the weird and wonderful to readers.

G. G. E. Tinsmuir

A consummate dabbler in the arts, I love storytelling like it’s my personal salvation. I revel in a good mystery, in an out-of-the-box experience; enjoy the layered build, and do a little dance of joy when I subvert expectations. History is a world to mine for its fantastic, and a story built onto the foundations of the real or historical is often my poison of choice.

All stories on this website are written by me, G. G. E. Tinsmuir. The logo is likewise my own creation. My work cannot be reproduced, distributed, or modified in any way, shape, or form without my express permission.


Podcast on Hiatus – But Will Return!

My apologies for no new podcast episodes! A few too many things got in the way of recording, but I will get back to doing so! I can’t say when just yet, but the podcast audiobooks will not remain dead in the water.

First Podcast Episode Up!

You can listen to it via the feed on the Listen page!

Additionally, you can find it on Spotify. It is also pending approval on Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and I Heart Radio. For Apple Podcasts… I’m trying. It’s much more complicated to get an Apple ID to work with podcasts when you don’t have any Apple products.

First Episode of the Podcast Will be Up on the 16th of September!

It has been sitting, forlorn, as the lone episode without actually being able to be listened to… in the Listen page for a little while now. Soon, it shall be accompanied by audio!

I have the first 7 episodes ready for release, and will hopefully, then, be able stick to my schedule of uploading a new one every week on Thursday!

First Narration up on the Odd Directions YouTube Channel!

The Odd Directions team has moved into narrations! The first narration, The Red Mist of Cedar Creek, by ViktorGreyWrites and narrated by The Baron, is up!

My first contribution to this narration collaboration will be Benny’s Breakfast by the wonderful Kago M. It will up on the YouTube Channel on the 19th of this month.

Podcast Coming Soon!

For now, all you can do is read… But soon you’ll be able to listen too! Check back soon for stories turned into neat 30 minute audiobooks, so you can listen on the run, while cooking up a nice meal, or lying in bed choosing to be spooked instead of sleep!

Season 1 will run for 21 episodes, covering most of my stories. And then I’ll take a break to replenish new material!

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  1. stephney whillier says:

    Can’t wait for the podcasts

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  2. Webb Blogs says:

    Just started following ☺ You are such an amazing writer!

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