Tag: Magic Realism

The Man of Ngalaya Lighthouse

At the far end of a cemetery down the road from the lighthouse, apple trees grow among headstones. MysteryWholesomeMagic Realism Author’s Note Comments The Man of Ngalaya Lighthouse Caution note: This story appears to mention the names of the deceased, but there are no names or references to real people

Dear Father Crowley, I Have Trumped the Aeon of Horus

Perhaps… It began with a desire to summon a goddess girlfriend, and vigorous masturbation in the Mojave Desert. Fictional RealityMagic Realism Author’s Note Comments Warning: Mature. Brief mention of historically-documented statutory rape. Also: generally just a weird one here, from the sex magic history to it not being what I

The Lamp Post

Sometimes, on my way home, I pass an old lamp post. Every time I touch it, I see a woman. MysteryWholesomeMagic Realism Author’s Note Comments The Lamp Post Warning: forcible removal of children, and religion-based punishment of women I won’t get too ahead of myself, but, if you’ll believe me,

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