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Rusher series #1: Little Bud

I’m a food delivery driver. I don’t always follow the delivery instructions. Horror Wholesome Comments Little Bud Warning: this story contains mentions of child and domestic abuse I’m a food delivery driver. Let’s call me a “Rusher”, so I don’t reveal which service I work for. I live and work

No Expectations

‘No expectations!’ Glory promised me, repeating it on every video of her dancercise channel. ‘I don’t need to ask you to come back! I know you will!’ Horror Comments NO EXPECTATIONS Dancercise videos… It was something I’d considered trying a few times. Not just during the pandemic. The idea had

3 in the Morning

It happens every morning at 3 a.m. And I’m sure I never liked Pokémon. Horror Mystery Comments 3 in the Morning I’m a bit of an end-burn student. By that I mean I only started going through the latter half of the online lectures for the class two days before

Slum Fever

There’s something killing the IV drug users in my city. And it’s not the drugs. Horror Comments SLUM FEVER Note: this story isn’t based on any specific person or place, but rather pastiches of real people and places Warning: this story has dark themes and mentions of drug use Serious

The Wanderers of Milladurra

I found an unpublished manuscript my great-great-plus-grandmother wrote. It’s about a town called Milladurra, and the more you read it, the more it makes sense, yet the harder it is to believe. Mystery Horror Drama Table of Contents Foreword Chapter 1: Don’t Go Out. Don’t Look Out. Chapter 2: The

The Notorious Male Ward 7

The Male Ward 7 of Callan Park Mental Hospital was known as “notorious”. It’s a strong word, and it made me want to figure out why. Yet I found out next to nothing. At least, not until I started digging into the patient notes of those who’d been inmates there.

Folie à Deux

We were driving. Where to, I had no idea. But I knew what we were running from. Horror Comments FOLIE À DEUX Mom and dad had first seen it two weeks ago. I’d first seen it two days ago, staring in through my bedroom window. I don’t think Jack and Amy have

Rin. Sed. and Blurred

Roselands, a promising new development of modern apartments located next to an idyllic river and close to city centre. It’s Gina’s new home, bought off the plan. Usually, it’s cheap fittings and fixtures you need to worry about when buying off the plan. Horror Mystery Table of Contents Part 1:


Growing up in the 60s and 70s, Fiona Marshall’s country village had secrets, gossip, and that spooky woman’s voice on the telephone line. Join Fiona, Marne, and Remy as they grow up with this mystery hanging over their heads. To be clear: this is no morality tale. Horror Mystery Drama

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