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Don’t Tempt Fate

The old Beamish Ambulance Station is a creepy place to spend the night. Mystery Horror Thriller Table of Contents Chapter 1: The Search Chapter 2: Inspector Jimmy Chapter 3: The Slippery Noose Chapter 4: A Little Animal Chapter 5: The Beamish Ghost Comments Chapter 1: The Search ‘Cassie… Is that


The Male Ward 7 of Callan Park Mental Hospital was known as “notorious”. Searching for why, I found out next to nothing. At least, not until I started digging into the patient notes of those who’d been inmates there. Note: the language used in this story is intended to depict

Episode 6: FOLIE À DEUX

We were driving. Where to, I had no idea. But I knew what we were running from. Warning: contains horror themes Spoilers Ahead! Author’s Note: A really short one for once! I feel for poor Georgie on this one. The creepiest messages you can get are ones from your best

Episode 5: RIN SED AND BLURRED [Part 2] – Riverview

I bought my apartment off the plan. I thought there may be catches – teething problems and cheep materials. I didn’t anticipate night knockers. Warning: contains horror themes Spoilers Ahead! Author’s Note: My apologies for the lateness of this episode! Unfortunately, I’ve reached the upload limit for this period with

Dream Game

We were like a tribe, united by a Discord chat. And then we started having dreams about each other. Horror Mystery Author’s Note Comments Dream Game Warning: this story contains mentions of child death, pregnancy loss, and a description of a school shooting I believed in coincidence. I believed when

Episode 4: RIN SED AND BLURRED [Part 1] – Roselands

If you ever buy your apartment off the plan… Research it well beforehand. Don’t think it’s just dodgy construction you have to worry about. Warning: contains horror themes Author’s Note: You hear about buying off the plan as being this thing you should always be wary of doing. Never know

Rising Stars

In a cave chamber deep below ground, there are ancient bones. Horror Paleo Fiction Wholesome Author’s Note Comments Rising Stars The low light of a sinking sun glimmered off warm brown eyes. It was the only hint, at first, that the unsuspecting shrub was occupied. There were more. In a

Episode 3: BE DONE BY AS YOU DID [Part 3] – A Fairy Tale for a Land Baby

In the summer before I left for high school, we unravelled the mystery of the child and the spooky woman on the phone line. To be clear: this is no morality tale. Warning: contains horror themes and occasional profanity Spoilers Below! Author’s Note: As some of you will know, The

The Children of Somerton

Growing up in the 60s and 70s, Fiona Marshall’s country village had secrets, gossip, and that spooky woman’s voice on the telephone line. Join Fiona, Marne, and Remy as they grow up with this mystery hanging over their heads. To be clear: this is no morality tale. Horror Mystery Drama

Episode 2: BE DONE BY AS YOU DID [Part 2] – Like Grimes Was Set to Sweep a Crater of Ash

When I was growing up in the 60s and 70s, we had a party line telephone. There was one thing that made us avoid it: the spooky woman’s voice on the phone line. Warning: contains horror themes and occasional profanity Author’s Note: The big reveal in next week’s final episode!

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