Episode 6: FOLIE À DEUX

We were driving. Where to, I had no idea. But I knew what we were running from.

Warning: contains horror themes

Spoilers Ahead!

Author’s Note:

A really short one for once!

I feel for poor Georgie on this one. The creepiest messages you can get are ones from your best friend’s number… after you know your friend to be dead.

Folie à deux may be a term you’re familiar with – or folie à plusieurs. It literally translates to “the madness of two” or “the madness of many”. There have been a number of well-publicised cases of such a thing, from the twins Ursula and Sabina Eriksson, who developed an unknown delusion that had both attempting to kill themselves in multiple ways, to the family that inspired this story:

In 2016, a family of five from Victoria, Australia, got in their car, and just started driving. They had developed a delusion that had them sure they were fleeing for their lives. No evidence of anything substantial that would make them fear for their safety was ever found. In time, the delusion loosed its hold on two of the children, and they ran away from their parents to escape the incessant terrified running.

It is unknown why some people get swept into this folie à deux phenomenon. It is observed, however, that it typically occurs among groups that are isolated in some way, and usually has a leader that promotes the delusion. Perhaps, then, it isn’t so hard to understand: if you were somewhere where you were cut off from most people, and the only people you socialised with developed a rock-solid delusion that someone was, perhaps, stalking your group, or intended you harm… Well, you may well start to believe it.

Or, perhaps… Sometimes there really was something they should be worried about. Something that maybe other people don’t understand, are too sceptical to believe, or just haven’t seen yet.


Podcast intro and outro music:
The Dark Tile , by Rafael Krux. Full licence purchased.

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